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Naam mai kya rakha hai ?? (What’s in a name?)

Naam mai kya rakha hai ??(What’s in a name?)

When Shakespeare wrote the famous quote “What’s in a name”, he didn’t realise that he trademarked it with his signature below it. That is why we youngsters still use the verse and make fun of it. But I think our celebrities are pretty serious about their name being used or sometimes misused, so they have found the most straightforward way to ‘trademark’ it.

Our very own Sachin Tendulkar has got his name trademarked, and it cannot be used without his permission. So even for the movie ‘Ferrari ki salwar, the director took Sachin’s permission to use his name. Not just him, our King Khan has even applied to get a trademark over his initials SRK.

It’s evident once he gets the TM registered, he can stop anyone from using his initials. Still, we think it’s going to be quite a hectic job because if it’s a well-known product or company, it may come to his notice, but what about the small scale business people who earn their lively hood using SRK’s stardom? Is he going to object his fans from filling their stomach by stopping them, or is he just going to ignore it? We have to wait and watch. Stay connected to crave in for more.

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