Basics of Patent !

September 2, 2017


What is a Patent?


A legal protection which gives an inventor monopoly and the right to exclude others from performing certain activity in the country of issuance.


•A government license


•Valid for 20 years.


•Patent rights prevent others from commercially making, using, selling, importing, or distributing it.


•Like any other property right, it may be sold, licensed, mortgaged, assigned or transferred, given away, or simply abandoned.


What can be patented?


Utility: process (method), machine, manufacture, or composition


Design: ornamental design for an object.


Plant: new variety.


Anything which is.......



not previously known or used by others


have a known use or produce a concrete and tangible result

Industrially applicable


Is it obvious to PHOSITA (Person Having Ordinary Skill In The Art)?

Can not be found in a single or reasonable combination of patents that would yield a predictable result..


Advantages of getting a Patent!


•Enjoy Monopoly

•Make it Saleable

•Rights of Distribution & Licensing Agreement

•Increase in negotiating power


Why would anyone want a patent?


So an inventor can use or sell his/her invention and no one else can?

How long can you stop other people?


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