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How To Protect Your Brand

In the connected world we tend to live in, the importance of a brand can't be understated. It’s how your customers recognise you. However, they unfold the word, notice you online, even how you connect with potential customers. It’s essential to guard your brand and make sure that you keep your legal rights to its use, in no matter form. Therefore, the most influential brands go to great lengths to do. Levi’s has fought laborious to trademark the position of the red label on its jeans; Cadbury’s, for a protracted time, even had the right to the distinctive shade of purple it used on its wrappers.


So, what's a Trademark?

A trademark is something that your customers – or potential customers – connect with. For young corporations, this typically suggests trademarking a brand name, logo or motto, or all three simultaneously. To other mature brands, it may transcend the brand. It can be a part of a word (Facebook, for instance, owns the trademark to the word ‘Face’), the position of a label, a design, a colour or maybe a smell.

What will it Mean to possess a Trademark?

It means you manage the industrial rights to the proprietary word/s in a very outlined business sector, called a category. There are unit forty-five categories altogether. Class 38, for instance, relates to any or all varieties of communications, whereas category 28 refers to games, toys and sporting goods. After you trademark a brand underneath one among these categories, you'll prohibit anyone else operational within the same business as you from mistreatment a similar name.

Is My Trademark Available?

If you’ve already bought the domain, it ought to be. However, it’s best to envision yourself on the IP India portal or go here. However, you'll notice that the name has been taken by some business unrelated to the one you’re beginning. If this is so, there's still a high chance that your application will be approved.

My Trademark is Taken. Now What?

If the name is taken, you've got only one choice. You may file a brand composite mark, which contains the name of the complete into the logo (Coca-Cola or BMW, for example).

How Long will it want a Trademark?

To apply, simply two days. And that we don’t even want you to send any documents. You'll begin using the TM symbol beside your name. However, the registration can come back two years later. You heard that right. Once done, though, you'll use the Registered image.

What must you Expect from somebody to commerce you a Trademark?

A. The trademark search to check availability.

B. Get the application form drafted.

C. Filing of application.

D. Status updates till registration.

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