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Is permission from copyright owners needed in order to disseminate their work viathe Internet?

Obtaining permission from the right holder and paying relevant fees is necessary for the dissemination of other people's works, performances, and sound recordings online, unless a specific limitation or exception applies. The Internet has become an important means for users to access literary works, music, films, and games. In response to this, the WIPO member states adopted the two Internet treaties, WCT and WPPT, in 1996, which updated copyright and related rights provisions from the Berne and Rome Conventions for the digital era. Since then, many countries have revised their national laws, following the models provided by WCT and WPPT, to protect copyright and related rights concerning the dissemination of works using the Internet. However, unauthorized dissemination and use of works on the Internet is still widespread due to the ease and speed of distribution, despite the requirement of permission from right holders. This has become a common challenge for the international community, and countries are working to address the issue through policy, legislative, law enforcement, and technical measures.


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