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What is a collective management organization?

Collective management organizations (CMOs) provide a viable option for copyright holders to manage their rights effectively. Managing copyright and related rights individually can be impractical in certain situations. For example, authors, performers, or producers may find it challenging to negotiate licenses and compensation with each radio station for the use of their songs. Similarly, radio stations may not have the resources to seek permission from every author, performer, and producer for each piece used. CMOs enable efficient rights clearance while ensuring fair economic rewards for the copyright holders and the licensees. Most countries have established CMOs to manage licensing for different works, including music, literary works, films, performances, visual art, and sound recordings. With advancements in technology, works are increasingly used in various forms and across borders, making it difficult for copyright holders to control the use of their works. In such scenarios, CMOs are becoming more critical to ensure the effective management of copyright and related rights.


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