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What is the InternationalPatent Classification?

The vast number of patent documents in circulation

worldwide makes it difficult for people to locate the

specific documents they require. In order to address

this issue, the International Patent Classification (IPC)

the system was established in 1971 through the Strasbourg

Agreement. This system provides a structured, hierarchical

approach to classifying patents and utility models based

on the respective technological fields to which they relate.

The IPC system uses language-independent symbols for

classification and divides invention patents into sections,

classes, subclasses, main groups, and subgroups. The

following is an overview of the sections of the IPC system:

A: Human necessities

B: Performing operations; transporting

C: Chemistry; metallurgy

D: Textiles; paper

E: Fixed constructions

F: Mechanical engineering; lighting; heating;

weapons; blasting

G: Physics

H: Electricity


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