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MYCrave Consultancy is a promoter of Patent, Copyright & Trademark and has initiated the propagation of providing the services of filing of IPR at the lowest cost in India. The educational seminars conducted by the MYCrave Team help to build & develop Intellectual Asset for the institutions and also for the individuals attending it. For the commercialization of the Government approved innovative ideas and creative products, an International platform has been established where any intellectual product can be sold or purchased. We strive to provide the creative minds of our country with a well-deserved recognition and valuation for their novel and artistic asset.


We are a team of believers and builders. People talk about bringing new technology to develop our country but have forgotten about the brilliant innovators who are born in our land. MYCrave’s team hunts for such talents and aim to build indigenous products benefiting the economy of India.


To collaborate with all kind of service providers, to provide an ONE DIAL SOLUTION to the customers for all their web solution, Intellectual & legal needs and to achieve the “MAKE IN INDIA” concept by making each product indigenous with the help of Intellectual property rights.


To fulfil the web & legal needs of an entrepreneur’s by bringing it all to his destination with JUST A DIAL solution and to educate the young India about Intellectual Property Rights so that they could earn its benefits by learning its importance.


Our Team promotes the importance of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) by conducting seminars, workshops and even provides personal counselling to enlighten the innovator hidden in each individual. We help them acquire a government license and provide them with an international platform to commercialize their creation.


Innovation sees no age, it just demands a creative mind who dares to think differently. Everyone needs to know about the benefits of IPR and deserve a platform to present their creations, so with that aim, we serve everyone students, industrialist, institutes, researchers and others who can think and create.

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MYCrave Consultancy and Services is an Intellectual Property Rights Protection organization.We provide reliable Registration Services that encompasses Copyright Registration Services, Design Registration Services, Patent Registration Services, Service Mark Registration Services, and Trademark Registration Services.we are the group of Patent Consultant, Patent Advocate, Patent Agent, Trademark Consultant, Trademark Advocate, Trademark Agent, Copyright Consultant, Copyright Advocate, Copyright Attorney, Copyright Agent,Trademark, copyright services. We offer services through an online model and a network of trusted affiliates across all major cities in Gujarat and rest of India including Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Anand, Surat, Khedbhramha, Rajkot, Raipur, Bhilai, Pune, Jaipur, Gandhidham, Kolkata, and others.