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MYCrave Consultancy | About us


MYCrave Consultancy is a promoter of Patents, Copyrights & trademarks and has initiated the propagation of providing the services of filing IPR at the lowest cost in India. The educational seminars conducted by the MYCrave Team help to build & develop Intellectual Assets for the institutions and also for the individuals attending them. For the commercialization of Government approved innovative ideas and creative products, an International platform has been established where any intellectual product can be sold or purchased. We strive to provide the creative minds of our country with well-deserved recognition and valuation for their novel and artistic asset.


To collaborate with all kinds of service providers, to provide a ONE DIAL SOLUTION to the customers for all their web solutions, Intellectual & legal needs and to achieve the “MAKE IN INDIA” concept by making each product indigenous with the help of Intellectual property rights.

MYCrave Consultancy | vision

Dhruv Brambhatt

Managing Director at MYCrave, IPFIDE | Entrepreneur | Innovator | IP Consultant | Public speaker | Investor | FIRE movement | Odyssean.

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Pooja Menon

Patent agent (5509) | Chief Operating officer

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Meet The Team

"At MYCrave Consultancy and Services, our diverse and skilled team operates from the Vadodara head office, led by Managing Director Dhruv Brahmbhatt. Dhruv's visionary leadership propels us toward excellence. Chief Operating Officer Pooja Menon, a registered Patent Agent, ensures our services uphold the highest standards in patent law and operational efficiency.

Four strategically placed regional offices in India showcase our commitment to specialized expertise. Kishor Shendge, Vice President and Patent Analyst, guides the Strategic Center in Sangli, Maharashtra, playing a pivotal role in patent analysis. Mukesh Mishra manages the Ideation Wing in Raipur, Chhattisgarh, fostering innovation.

Priyanka Saini, Vice President and Client Relationship Manager, leads the Advancement Hub in Udaipur, aligning services with client expectations. Saroj Kumar Jha, a dynamic Business Development Officer, spearheads our Bihar branch, contributing to growth.

With eight operational offices nationwide, our team of 37, including researchers, lawyers, managers, and support staff, is dedicated to delivering excellence and innovation in consultancy services."

Kishor Sir Photo.png

Kishor Shendge

Vice President and patent analyst and commercialization 


Mukesh Mishra

Vice President and Patent manager


Priyanka Saini

Vice President and Client relationship manager


Saroj Kumar Jha

Business Development Officer

Managing Director 

MYCrave Consultancy | who we are


We are a team of believers and builders. People talk about bringing new technology to develop our country but have forgotten about the brilliant innovators who are born in our land. MYCrave’s team hunts for such talents and aim to build indigenous products benefiting the economy of India.


Our Team promotes the importance of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) by conducting seminars, workshops and even providing personal counseling to enlighten the innovator hidden in each individual. We help them acquire a government license and provide them with an international platform to commercialize their creation.

MYCrave Consultancy | What we do
MYCrave Consultancy | whom we serve


Innovation sees no age, it just demands a creative mind who dares to think differently. Everyone needs to know about the benefits of IPR and deserves a platform to present their creations, so with that aim, we serve everyone student, industrialists, institutes, researchers, and others who can think and create.

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