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virtual R&D

Every company or institute that stands out prominently in the market is due to its distinctive recipe of innovating something new. They believe in standing out in the world with their own products or masterpieces making them global leaders. In the ride of creating a good asset, a lot of strength in the form of manpower, wealth and time is spent on the research to study the project requirement, the market, along with the competitors’ upcoming products which are necessary to stay in the cutthroat market.

To simply the above-said process for any institution or a company, we stand by them as their own Virtual R&D System. Here we would do all the research regarding the requirement and provide them with a blueprint of the idea they are willing to implement. We would provide them with multiple solutions and techniques for the easy execution of their proposal. We even provide them with the products or ideas that have already been implemented and will be disclosed in the future by various other companies. This gives your company a window to execute a plan that is more progressive and efficient than any other product in the world.

Virtual r n d
MYCrave Consultancy | Consultation


Integrate with our experts to elaborate on your challenge

The Company that has an idea and wants a direction toward a smooth implementation of it into the system consults us at the very initial stage. A session with our Field Experts is arranged where the concept that you are seeking is discussed, based on which a tech note is prepared for the further procedure to provide you multiple concepts giving the expected output.
MYCrave Consultancy | Consultation
MYCrave Consultancy | Action


Utilize the intellect and hard work of our dexterous team led by qualified researchers & professionals.

Based on the Tech Note prepared by the experts, our research team works on the concept and sorts out the best feasible and optimized solutions that could be implemented to get the expected output.

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MYCrave Consultancy | Work


Repose till your Virtual team analysis and builds, novel, pioneering, the modern & customized solution only for you.

Once the options are delivered by the research team, our expert will set up another session where he would brief regarding the solutions that have been scrupulously sorted out by them which confirm the efficient result.

After the report is provided to you, a 30 days window is provided where you could refer through the briefing of the solutions provide and decide for the solution that you would like to implement with the detailed documentation. In case the report is not satisfactory you can ask for a deeper research by providing us your further instincts regarding your plan.

MYCrave Consultancy | Work
MYCrave Consultancy | Commitment


Examine the solution thoroughly and if the team has surpassed expectations, reward the deserving.

Once the solution is accepted by you, the entire documentation and blueprint are submitted to you.

MYCrave Consultancy | Commitment
MYCrave Consultancy | Execution


Execute it and achieve the unexpected from the expected.

Only if the provided solution is satisfactory and efficient enough to be implemented into your system, you are required to pay for the key provided to you by us.

MYCrave Consultancy | Execution
MYCrave Consultancy | Benefits


Inventing a new idea is like having an asset added into the name of your company and we help you to simplify the entire errand in the making of one for your organization. The vital benefits of hiring us:

  • You can focus on your handful projects that your company is presently working on.

  • You do not have to divert your human resource into the research of this new scheme

  • You can save the efficient time of your employees and yours from the evaluation of the results obtained at the initial stages.

  • A Lot of R&D cost can be saved which is usually wasted in the initial development phase of research in any organization.

  • You can know your competitor’s product and the direction they are working toward; in the same field.

  • You can build a product which is distinct and efficient than any other similar products that are globally available.

MYCrave Consultancy | Benefits
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