Digital weapons factory and digital operations center for producing, deploying,

A method of rapidly producing a new cyber response tool (e.g., in near-real-time) by matching vulnerabilities of enemy threats (e.g., a missile and/or a tank) to corresponding portions of other response tools that effectively exploit the matched vulnerability. An iterative framework may be utilized to repeatedly prioritize a set of cyber response tools based on a corresponding probability of success. For example, a computer or computer network may implement the iterative framework to carry out the probability computation and corresponding cyber response tool prioritization. If a total probability of success is below a given threshold (e.g., 95%), then creation of one or more new cyber response tools may be initiated. The probability of success may be a function of time (e.g., ten minutes before an expected launch) and/or a function of a phase of a lifecycle of the enemy threat (e.g., a launch phase).

Digital weapons factory and digital operations center for producing, deploying,


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