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Energy Re-Claimer
An Energy Re-Claimer is a new patented “heat exchanger” for gas water heaters. The Energy Re-Claimer is placed on top of the water heater in line with the water heater’s flue. It is also connected between the cold water tap and the cold water inlet of the water heater. The purpose of the Energy Re-Claimer is to take the heat that is produced by the gas water heater that is normally vented into the atmosphere through the flue, and transfer it to the cold tap water just before it goes into the water heater’s tank. The Energy Re-Claimer or heat exchanger pre-heats the tap water, raising the temperature of the tap water before it goes into the tank. Instead of the water heater having to heat tap water from a temperature of 60º F up to 180º F. The now pre-heated tap water enters the water heater tank at approximately 150º F. Now the water heater only needs to raise the temperature of the water from 150º F to 180º F. the water heater works less to raise the temperature of the water to 180º F

Energy Re-Claimer

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