herbal medicinal shampoo and preparation method for same

The present invention relates to a herbal shampoo and preparation method, belonging to the technical field of the preparation of supplies; specifically prepared for the first step of extracting herbal liquid: Radix 20 to 40 parts, angelica 10 to 20 parts, aloe 20 to 40 parts , 10 to 20 parts ginger, gardenia 20 to 40 parts, sage 20 to 40 parts water to soak in alcohol, use alcohol-water solution constant reflux extraction and separation by adsorption, whichever is the upper supernatant; then herbal extracts added to other raw materials, according to the national standard production processes for preparing shampoo into finished products; the use of the preparation of products with shampoo, conditioner, conditioning, nutrition, antidandruff itching, hair anti-off and other effects, and safe, toxic side effects.

herbal medicinal shampoo and preparation method for same


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