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Medicine Patch For Treating Cold And Pain
The invention provides a Chinese medicine patch for treating cold and pain and a method for producing the same, and the invention contains the following components in proportion by weight: notopterygium root 5-10, windproof 3-10, ginger 3-10; the invention includes the steps of: proportionally mixing raw materials, grinding until particle diameter of each component is 100-200 mu m; using CO2 supercritical extraction, fractionating acquired distillates with a fractionating tower, mixing each component in the formula into nano medicinal pulp according to the formula proportionality through the nano dispersing apparatus, adding accelerating agent for percutaneous absorption and contact adhesive into the circular type low temperation drying coater, and after coating, executing shearing, quality test, packaging and then sending the product into warehouse. 

Medicine Patch For Treating Cold And Pain

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