Medicine patch for treating ache

The invention relates to a traditional medicine preparation field. The traditional Chinese medical plaster for curing pain comprises the following medicaments and proportion by weight: fried materials comprise nidus vespae 10-30, hedyotis diffusa willd 10-30, cochinchia momordica 10-30, zedoary root 10-30, duck eggs 10-30, solanum nigrum 10-30 and sweetautumn clematis 10-30, fines comprise panax notoginseng 5-20, scorpion 5-20, centipede 5-20, olibanum 5-20, myrrh 5-20, musk 0.2-1.5 and borneol 5-20, and auxiliary materials comprise cheung cinnadar 250-450 and sesame oil 500-1000. The process for preparation comprises putting the seven fried materials into the sesame oil to fry, taking out the fried materials after over fried, heating the sesame oil to 240 degrees, decocting the sesame until the water is formed bead after dropping into the sesame oil, putting cheung cinnadar to collect paste, drawing lump, then putting the paste into cold water to immerse for 30 days, grinding the seven fines into 120 orders, and heating the paste and adding the fines powder into the paste, then forming the plaster which is 10g in each dose.

Medicine patch for treating ache


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