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A method for obtaining monitored information about an individual and provide the individual with feedback, comprising:

detecting or measuring information about the individual using a monitoring device that includes a microphone, an RF transmitter and sensors to determine air quality, sound level/quality, light quality and ambient temperature near the individual, the RF transmitter serving as a communication system;

an accelerometer configured to detect the individual's movement information, the accelerometer and the monitoring system configured to assist to determine the individual's sleep information and sleep behavior information, the microphone configured to record an individual's movement sounds detected by the accelerometer, the accelerometer configured to cause the microphone to stop recording the individual's movement sounds when the movement sounds are not directed to a sleep related parameter; and

communicating between the monitoring device and a telemetry system, the telemetry system having a database that includes base individual information of the individual's sleep information and sleep behavior information from the monitoring device and the accelerometer

accessing an individual's profile stored in the database, the telemetry system in operation selecting records of sleep information and sleep behavior information data of one or more individual's, the telemetry system configured to receive the individual's movement and monitoring device, with the telemetry system or the monitoring system analyzing the individual's movement information and the monitoring device information to calculate or derive sleep onset and wake time, sleep interruptions, and the quality and depth of sleep; and

providing feedback to the user regarding one or more of the individual's sleep onset and wake time, sleep interruptions, and the quality and depth of sleep.

Methods using a monitoring device to monitor individual activities, behaviors