Obstacle avoiding module for aerial vehicle

Provided is a novel universal obstacle avoiding module for drones. The novel universal obstacle avoiding module includes a distance sensor, an inertia sensor, a single-chip microcomputer and a wireless communication module. The connecting structure of the module is that the distance sensor, the inertia sensor and the wireless communication module are connected to the single-chip microcomputer, and the single-chip microcomputer is further connected to a drone flight controller and a remote control receiver. The distance sensor is used for detecting the distance between a drone and an obstacle. The inertia sensor is used for compensating distance errors caused by inclination of flight of the drone. The wireless communication module is responsible for transmitting the flight state of the drone. The single-chip microcomputer is used for processing data. The beneficial effects are that the novel universal obstacle avoiding module has a simple structure, is stable and reliable, effectively prevents a drone from bumping against an obstacle, is highly universal, and can be mounted on various drones through a simple arrangement.

Obstacle avoiding module for aerial vehicle


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