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  • ISHAN DHAVAL PARIKH has invented a new design of a SERVING UTENSIL WITH SELF HEATING PROPERTY as set forth in the following specification. 
  • The claimed design of the SERVING UTENSIL WITH SELF HEATING PROPERTY is utilized for serving hot food and it has been built with a property to keep the food warm in the utensil with its internal property of heating with the composition of lime and water layer inbuilt to the utensil. 
  • The UTENSIL consists of portion inside it with the capability of producing heat by reacting lime and water inside the surface of the container so as to warm the food kept inside the container for a period of time without any external fuel. 
  • The UTENSIL consists of a section which contains Lime and a section from which water can be poured and the Pores  designed, oozes the water into the section containing lime so that it can react to produce heat due to which the food inside the UTENSIL can be warmed and be kept hot for a longer duration.
  • The excess water gets accumulated at the bottom portion which can be later removed. 
  • The Lime can be replaced by displacing the central portion of the UTENSIL which is held by the locking mechanism using the handle like structure. 
  • This UTENSIL cannot be used for cooking but just to warm the cooked food for a period of time using thee heat generated inside the UTENSIL.


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