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How long is the term ofprotection of a work?

Copyright laws provide creators with economic rights that are protected for a limited period of time, with different countries having varying rules on the duration of protection. While international treaties, such as the Berne Convention and the TRIPS Agreement, establish a minimum term for copyright protection, countries can opt to extend the duration of protection. For example, the Berne Convention and TRIPS Agreement stipulate a term of protection of life plus 50 years for copyright, whereas, in Europe and the U.S., this has been extended to life plus 70 years. The Berne Convention sets a minimum protection period of 25 years for photographs and applied art. The Convention also requires that the term of protection for moral rights granted to the author should be at least equal to that of economic rights. While the TRIPS Agreement doesn't mandate the protection of moral rights, some countries offer perpetual protection for these rights, which means that there is no specified term of protection as they are valid indefinitely.

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