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Trademark Class 42: Science and Technology Services

Class 42 includes scientific and technical services, such as those performed by professions such as chemists, physicists, engineers, and computer programmers.

Complete Listing of All Goods in Class 42

Consider marks like AGRIAN (computer services for agriculture), PIXEL POOL (graphic illustration), JIFF (parenting skills software), all of which are good examples of Class 42 trademarks.

Class 42 is not as broad as you might expect, however. You would not use Class 42 if you were registering:

  • business research and evaluations

  • word processing and computer file management services

  • financial and fiscal evaluations

  • mining and oil extraction

  • computer (hardware) installation and repair services

  • services provided by the members of professions such as medical doctors, veterinary surgeons, psychoanalysts

  • medical treatment services

  • garden design, or

  • legal services.


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