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What are related rights?

Related rights, also known as neighbouring rights, refer to the rights granted to those who are closely associated with the creation and dissemination of copyrighted works but are not actual authors or creators. This may include individuals or entities that bring technical and organizational expertise to the production and distribution of copyrighted works, such as performers, producers of phonograms, and broadcasters. Performers offer their unique interpretations of copyrighted works, while phonogram producers contribute creative and financial resources to the production and distribution of sound recordings. Broadcasters provide financial and organizational resources to compile and distribute broadcast signals. Some countries also grant related rights to other groups closely related to the preparation and distribution of works, such as publishers. These related rights holders are recognized and granted protection for their contributions to the creation and dissemination of copyrighted works. Related rights are typically protected by IP legislation in most countries, although in some cases, they may be protected by labour law, competition law, or contract law. However, related rights are also subject to limitations and exceptions.


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