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What are the differences between a trademark and a trade name?

A trade name serves the purpose of distinguishing one business from another, while a trademark is used to differentiate the goods or services of one business from those of other businesses. However, with service companies, the name of the business is often the same as the name of the service offered. In contrast, with products, the name of the business is often different from the name of the trademark used on a specific product. From the standpoint of corporate branding and reputation, there is no significant difference between trade names and trademarks, as both carry the goodwill of a company. In practice, some companies use the same word as their trademark and trade name, and this is even more common in the services industry. For example, the "HAIER" Group uses trademarks to protect the use of "HAIER" as the name of its refrigerators, and "Quanjude" is both the trade name of China Quanjude Group and a trademark used in its catering services.


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