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What are the differences between copyright and patent protection?

Upon comparison of the patent and copyright systems, it is evident that the patent system is better suited for safeguarding inventions in the field of technology, while the copyright system concentrates on preserving literary and artistic works. However, copyright protection may extend to works concerning scientific creations protected by patent law, resulting in the potential overlap between the two systems. For instance, if a paper detailing the structure of a car engine is authored and published, the author has the right to prevent others from copying the paper, but if someone uses the paper to create an engine and sells it, they are not infringing on the author's copyright. In contrast, if the author obtains a patent for the engine, they have the right to prohibit others from manufacturing and selling the engine under patent law. However, if someone writes an article about the engine's design and performance, they are not prevented from doing so by the patent.

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