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What is a geographica lindication?

Each place has its own unique qualities that are reflected in its products and inhabitants. Wine, for example, can vary greatly in flavor depending on the location in which it was produced. A wine's quality is determined by six factors: grape variety, climate, soil, humidity, vineyard management, and vinification technology. Champagne, France is known for producing high-quality sparkling wine due to its ideal growing conditions. Similarly, Dongtinghu Biluochun, a famous Chinese tea variety, is renowned for its slender, spiral-shaped tea leaves, fresh fragrance, and pure taste. Yunnan Pu’er tea comes in both fermented and unfermented varieties, each with its own unique aroma, color, and taste. These products, whose quality or characteristics are largely dependent on the local geographical environment, are often identified by their geographical names and registered as geographical indications (GIs) to protect their unique identity and reputation.

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