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What rights do performers enjoy?

International conventions and national copyright laws provide performers with the right to recognize their intellectual contribution to their performance activities. These rights are categorized into moral rights and economic rights. Although the Rome Convention and the TRIPS Agreement do not address the moral rights of performers, the WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty (WPPT) explicitly grants performers the right to be recognized as the performers of their work and to object to any modification of their performance that would harm their reputation. The term performance protection is at least equal to economic rights protection, which is set at 50 years. Under the Rome Convention and the WPPT, performers have economic rights to their performances, including protecting live broadcast performances, recording and reproducing them, and distributing and disseminating performances online. Performers may license their performances for remuneration. However, they must first obtain permission from the author and pay compensation to perform the author's works.

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