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Chalo kare “Chai Pai Charcha”

Chalo kare “Chai Pai Charcha”

Namo used to sell tea in his past was a big story to talk about when he was competing for the post of our PM, but his enthusiasm and hard work said it all and made him the most eligible candidate.

BJP first launched the 'Chai pe Charcha' (discussion over tea) campaign to counter a jibe made by a Congress leader at Narendra Modi (NaMo) for selling tea in his earlier years. Ahmedabad-based Shailesh Tiwari has filed the trademark application, who calls himself convener of the 'Namo Tea Party' movement. When contacted, Mr Tiwari told PTI that the logic behind the move to get the 'NaMo Tea Party' trademark is to ensure that the idea is not taken by anyone else. There is no commercial motive behind the application, he added.

So if you had any plans to use this name, we don’t think it’s a good idea as Mr Tiwari has already taken care of it … stay connected to crave more exciting news like this.

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