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Nandan Shah invented a rape prevention device.

Nandan Shah invented a rape prevention device.

Innovation in the Pharmaceutical field has always been a boon to society, but that's not enough; we need products/inventions that can guarantee protection, safety or simplify day-to-day tasks. In the past few years, the violence against women has increased to provide a helping hand; a 20 years old third-year engineering student, Nandan Shah, invented a rape prevention device. It is one of the products that he has filed a patent for, along with three others, i.e. a foldable keyboard, smart locking device and a mass storage device.

The folding keyboard is 1/8th the size of a standard keyboard and made on cardboard that one can carry in their pocket. The rape prevention device, invented by Shah and his friend Sanjay Bathavar, is a wrist band with sensors that will be activated on the pulse rate if a girl is in danger and can thwart the attacker using chemicals.

The smart-locking system, which works on mechanical passwords by Shah and his friend Vaibhav Patel has been developed with die-cast keys costing just Rs 200 (in the market, the die casting alone costs around 50,000 to 60,000 Rs). He made it in his lab at home and called it NanLab, where all his inventions have been made.


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