A wireless high-definition real-time video transmission method and apparatus

The present invention discloses a wireless high-definition real-time video transmission method and apparatus, which apparatus includes a network camera, video transmitting circuit, receiving circuit and a display video; the video transmitting circuit includes a video encoder core processor, memory, power amplifier, Ethernet port and an antenna; the video receiving circuit includes a video decoder, the processor core, memory, low noise amplifier, a memory card and a receiving antenna. Decode processing such as sending the present invention via webcam will shoot high-definition video information is transmitted to the video transmitting circuit, video transmitting circuit video coding processing by the antenna out, video receiver circuit receives video information via the antenna and decoding after the video in real time on the display or stored in the memory card. The present invention solves the wireless video transmission distance is short, poor image quality, real-time and poor, has a strong feasibility and broad applicability.

Useful in applications requiring long-distance transmission of high-definition video in real-time applications, such as: video surveillance, UAV disaster site exploration, unmanned aerial vehicles such as express delivery.

A wireless high-definition real-time video transmission method and apparatus


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