Connecting the CITY with IoT to make a smart city.

The invention discloses an intelligent city environment transformation people and thing interactive system and belongs to the field of intelligent cities, environment protection, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and robots. The system is mainly composed of an intelligent home environment transformation monitoring module, a people and thing area positioning and monitoring module, an intelligent robot monitoring module, a digital speech video module, a cloud server and a human-computer interface information exhibiting command control terminal. According to the system, environmental greening transformation such as plant cultivation and novel resource management is conducted with families as units to promote greening transformation of the community environment, and then environment transformation of the whole city is promoted and an intelligent city with a green environment is realized; on the other hand, by means of the concentration of family information and authorization and interaction of users, orientation nursing of the aged, children, pets and articles is achieved, security and protection monitoring is achieved, people can make an appointment for food ordering and shopping, resource exchanging is achieved, voice and video interaction is achieved, communication and interaction among people are promoted, the utilization rate of resources is increased, and the highly efficient intelligent people and thing interaction city is realized.

Connecting the CITY with IoT to make a smart city.


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