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Herbal Medicine Liquid Shampoo
The present invention relates to a Chinese herbal medicine as the main ingredient of Chinese herbal shampoo, which is composed of Radix, habitat, foxglove, jujube tender skin, aloe, Oriental Arborvitae, black beans, almonds, bellflower herbal juice with tea tree oil paraffin mixture, it is the ability to quickly penetrate the skin pores and effectively remove dirt and sebum pores and inhibit the proliferation of harmful microorganisms to generate, improve skin allergies. Accelerate blood circulation, so the hair to give a high degree of absorption, especially for brown, gray, easily broken hair, split ends, after using so shiny black hair, smooth as silk, fluffy and not greasy, there go dandruff, itching and other effects , to tackling the problem. 

Herbal Medicine Liquid Shampoo

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