Intelligent thermometer

The utility model relates to a thermometer and discloses an intelligent thermometer. The intelligent thermometer comprises an external housing and a miniature PCB arranged inside the housing. A control chip, a temperature sensor, a Bluetooth module and a power supply module are arranged on the miniature PCB. The temperature sensor is used for collecting human body temperature information and is communicated with the control chip. The control chip is connected with the Bluetooth module in a controlling way. The Bluetooth module is in communication connection with a Bluetooth module of a smart phone. Meanwhile, the power supply module supplies power to the control chip, the temperature sensor and the Bluetooth module. By means of the intelligent thermometer, the temperature of a detected person can be continuously detected. When the temperature reaches a preset upper limit, alarm sounds are emitted through the smart phone. Meanwhile, the detected person wearing the thermometer is not limited physically. The intelligent thermometer is especially suitably used by those suffering inconvenience in repeated temperature measurement such as children having a fever and the elderly.

Intelligent thermometer


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