Mordernized bus travel management system

The invention discloses a novel urban intelligent bus station management system. The novel urban intelligent bus station management system comprises a plurality of terminals and a data processing center, and is characterized in that each terminal comprises an advertising module, a public service module, a touch screen and a wireless communication module, wherein the data processing center comprises a data receiving module, a data storage module, a data calling module and a log record module. The novel urban intelligent bus station management system is provided with the public service module; through the arranged functional modules, the novel urban intelligent bus station management system can be used for propagating external images of a city, and introducing tourist attractions, cultural landscape, and places of interest of the local city; meanwhile, an arranged public security module has a very important effect on maintaining the stability of social security; the urban traffic transportation convenience is improved by a taxi convenient module, so that good convenience is brought to tourists and passengers; meanwhile, instant information (including earthquake, flood, mudslide and other urban public information) can cover and be distributed in a large area in the first time by an instant information distribution function of the system, so that the city is managed effectively, and the interaction of urban population and foreign tourists can be promoted.

Mordernized bus travel management system


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