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Reduction of the adverse effect casused due to radio signals and electrical.


Disclosed herein is a radio frequency shield device that includes, an outer cover having one or more displacement protrusions extending from an outer cover bottom surface and one or more cover fasteners, an inner cover positioned inside the outer cover, wherein at least a portion of the inner cover is deflected downward by the displacement protrusions, and a plurality of fence walls having one or more fence fasteners for interlocking with the cover fasteners, wherein the inner cover is positioned at least partially over the fence walls to form at least one of a primary seal and secondary seal.

An electronic device often contains both desirable and undesirable sources of EMR, in order to protect some electronic components from EMI and/or enclose other electronic components to prevent attenuation of desired EMR, a Faraday cage can be utilized. A Faraday cage, often referred to as a Radio Frequency (RF) shield, can be used to enclose a specific electronic component to minimize the effects of EMI on electrical components enclosed therein. When an RF shield is exposed to an exterior source of EMI, the RF shield isolates the electric wave portion of the EMI about the exterior of the cage, while the cage attenuates the magnetic wave portion that passes through the cage, thereby reducing the strength of the EMI field experienced by the electronic component. Likewise, an RF shield can be used to maintain the field strength of a desirable EMR that is being emitted from within the RF shield.

Reduction of the adverse effect casused due to radio signals and electrical.

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