Ship-based unmanned aircraft carrier with water protection system

The present invention discloses a composition based on networking with shipborne UAV maritime protection systems, including unmanned aerial vehicles and control center of the body, the upper body UAV mounted wind and humidity sensors, the UAV the front end of the main high-definition camera mounted on one side of the high-definition camera is provided with a proximity sensor, the other side is provided with a sonar detector, the UAV both sides of the lower end of the main landing gear. Inflate the balloon of the present invention, UAVs provide some cushioning effect, reducing the probability of drone crashed; wind and humidity sensors set to determine whether the weather UAV flight in danger, to protect the UAV water safety of flight; by providing wireless communication module and a GPS positioning module UAV accidental damage, remote monitoring terminal can quickly find UAV position and back to repair.

Ship-based unmanned aircraft carrier with water protection system


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