Soap bars with a bactericidal capacity and methods of enhancing such capacity

The present invention relates to soap bar compositions in which, by carefully selecting components that are highly surface active, yet soluble enough to deliver antibacterial effect, applicants are able to provide enhanced quick-kill (i.e., 60 seconds or less).

The present invention relates to bar compositions, primarily pure soap bar compositions or compositions in whicn soap is greater than 60%, preferably greater than 80% of the surfactant composition. In particular, the invention relates to bar compositions, preferably comprising a bactericide, having the capacity to quickly kill (i.e., in 60 seconds or less, preferably in 30 seconds or less) enhanced amounts of bacteria. Specifically, by incorporating higher levels of high surface active, adequately soluble soaps (e.g., high nut oil soaps) and/or counterions which are relatively more water soluble (e.g., K or NH4 rather than Na) , bacterial quick kill is enhanced.


While not wishing to be bound by theory, adequate solubility of high surface active soaps and counterions which enhance solubility of soaps are believed to allow soaps to more quickly interact with bacteria

Soap bars with a bactericidal capacity and methods of enhancing such capacity


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