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Trademark Class 15: Musical Instruments

Choose Class 15 if you are registering a trademark for musical instruments.

Trademark classification in India, Trademark Class 15

Complete Listing of All Goods in Class 15

  • Musical instruments, accordions, bagpipes, bandonions, barrel organs, bellows for musical instruments, carillons [musical instruments], concertinas, electronic musical instruments, mouthpieces for musical instruments, music rolls [piano], music synthesizers, musical boxes, musical instruments, mutes for musical instruments/dampers for musical instruments, pedals for musical instruments, perforated music rolls, valves for musical instruments.

  • Keyboard instruments, harmoniums, intensity regulators for mechanical pianos, keyboards for musical instruments, keys for musical instruments, organs, piano keyboards, piano strings, piano keys, pianos, wind pipes for organs, String instruments, basses [musical instruments], bow nuts for musical instruments, bows for musical instruments, bridges for musical instruments, catgut for musical instruments, chin rests for violins, double basses, guitars, harp strings, harps, horsehair for bows for musical instruments, huqin [Chinese violins], lyres, mandolins, pegs for musical instruments, pipa [Chinese guitars], plectrums/picks for stringed instruments, sticks for bows for musical instruments, stringed musical instruments, strings for musical instruments, violas, violins, zithers.

  • Woodwind instruments, bamboo flutes, clarionets, flutes, harmonicas, Jews' harps [musical instruments], oboes, ocarinas, reeds, sheng [Chinese musical wind instruments], suona [Chinese trumpets].

  • Percussion instruments, castanets, cymbals, drumheads/skins for drums, drums [musical instruments], drumsticks, gongs, handbells [musical instruments], hats with bells [musical instruments], kettledrum frames, kettledrums, tambourines, tom-toms, triangles [musical instruments], xylophones.

  • Brass instruments, buccins [trumpets], clarions, cornets [musical instruments], horns [musical instruments], saxophones, trombones, trumpets.

  • Musical accessories, cases for musical instruments, conductors' batons, music stands, stands for musical instruments, tuning hammers, tuning forks, turning apparatus for sheet music.

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