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Trademark Class 4: Industrial Oils and Lubricants.

Choose Class 4 if you are registering lubricants, fuels, oils, candles and wicks.

Class 4 includes industrial oils, greases, lubricants, dust compositions, fuels (including motor spirit), and illuminates such as candles and wicks for lighting.

Complete Listing of All Goods in Class 4

  • Fuels and illuminants, alcohol [fuel], anthracite, beeswax, benzene, benzol, combustible briquettes, carburants/motor fuel, charcoal [fuel], coal dust [fuel], coal briquettes, coal tar oil, coal naphtha, coal, coke, diesel oil/gas oil, ethanol [fuel], firelighters, fuel with an alcoholic base, fuel oil/combustible oil, fuel, fuel gas, gas for lighting, gasoline, illuminating wax, illuminating grease, kerosene, lighting fuel, lignite, ligroin, mazut, methylated spirit, mineral fuel, oil-gas, ozocerite [ozokerite], paper spills for lighting, paraffin, peat briquettes [fuel]/blocks of peat [fuel], peat [fuel], petrol/benzine, petroleum ether, petroleum, raw or refined, producer gas, solidified gases [fuel]/solidified gas [fuel], stearine, tinder, vaporized fuel mixtures, wax [raw material].

  • Candles and wicks for lighting, candles/tapers.

  • Christmas tree candles, lamp wicks, nightlights [candles], perfumed candles, wicks for candles.

  • wood, firewood, wood spills for lighting, wood briquettes.

  • Non- chemical fuel additives, additives, non-chemical, to motor-fuel, naphtha.

  • Biofuels, oleine, rape oil for industrial purposes.

  • Electrical energy, electrical energy.

  • Dust controlling compositions, dust binding compositions for sweeping, dust laying compositions, dust removing preparations, Lubricants and industrial greases, waxes and fluids, belting wax, carnauba wax, castor oil for technical purposes, ceresine, cutting fluids, fish oil, not edible, grease for arms [weapons], grease for boots/grease for shoes, grease for belts, grease for leather, industrial wax, industrial grease, industrial oil, lubricants, lubricating oil, lubricating graphite, lubricating grease, moistening oil, motor oil, non-slipping preparations for belts, oils for releasing form work [building], oils for paints, petroleum jelly for industrial purposes, soya bean oil preparations for non-stick treatment of cooking utensils, sunflower oil for industrial purposes, tallow, textile oil, wool grease/lanolin, xylene, xylol.

  • Preserving oils for masonry or leather, bone oil for industrial purposes, oil for the preservation of masonry, oil for the preservation of leather, preservatives for leather [oils and greases].


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