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What international conventions protect trademark rights?

The protection of trademark rights is a key feature of the Paris Convention, which contains numerous provisions on the subject. The issue of international registration of trademarks is addressed by the Madrid Agreement, which was signed in 1891. The Nice Agreement, adopted in 1957, aims to standardize the classification of goods and services for trademark registration. The Vienna Agreement, which was adopted in 1973, provides for the unified classification of the figurative elements of trademarks. The Trademark Law Treaty was signed in 1994 to simplify and coordinate national trademark registration systems. The Singapore Treaty on the Law of Trademarks, signed in 2006, expands the scope of the Trademark Law Treaty by enriching the types of registrable trademarks and registration procedures, utilizing new advances in information and communication technology. This information is derived from "The Basics of Intellectual Property: A Q&A for Students".

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