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What types of registered trademarks are there?

Registered trademarks can be categorized into two types: trademarks used on goods and service marks used for services. The former includes marks such as "Levis" used on jeans, while the latter includes marks such as "Air China" used for air travel services. Trademarks have a longer history than service marks. In the past, businesses provided services through their own outlets which were identified by their trade names, while products were sold globally and needed to be identified by trademarks. Initially, the protection of well-known marks in the Paris Convention of 1883 only included trademarks, not service marks. Two special types of registered trademarks are collective marks and certification marks. Collective marks are registered in the name of a group or association for use by its members, while certification marks are controlled by an organization that can certify the quality of a certain product or service. If a party's product or service meets the standards set by the certifier, they are allowed to use the certification mark to certify the quality of their product or service.

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